Do you need more time in your day?

Let me take those administrative items off your to-do list so you can get your time back to focus on income-producing activities.

Calendar Management

Managing calendars is a specialty of mine. I can keep your calendar organized, schedule/reschedule meetings, and deal with the back-and-forth of scheduling meetings.

Email Management

Is your Inbox out of control? I can organize your email and manage it on a regular basis so that you only see the most important emails.

General Admin

From making appointments to editing/formatting documents to putting together presentations to social media to newsletters and more.

About Amy

Amy has over 15 years of Administrative experience in various industries, including manufacturing, real estate, accounting, SaaS, and more. She has a BA in Business Administration and a Masters in Information Systems

She started her Virtual Assistant journey in 2011 when she left her corporate job to have more flexibility and time with her family. She has been virtually assisting businesses ever since and also co-runs a company of VAs who work with marketing agencies.

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